Track Of The Week #5

Deep levels here my friends. Willow has an extremely limited discography, with a few tracks here and there that you can find on YouTube, but she has only one major release really, Workshop 23. All four tracks on here are excellent. My personal favourite, is Untitled B1. This track (along with the others) land(s) in an ethereal middle ground, somewhere between Electronica, Deep House, Techno, and even Ambient. Beautiful melodies, shifting soundscapes, hypnotic movements, groove, all in one. Its soulful, technical, intimate. It’s quite the release. B1's melodies, just, land right where they need to. Addictively repetitive. So many feelings conjured up in so few sounds. In this one, the question lies with you, do you wanna cut shapes? Or go inward?

I’ve said enough anyhow. Give it a listen, and see how you feel!

Happy Listening,
Sandy Woodhouse



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