Track Of The Week #2

Fascinating release from Wiley. If you haven’t heard, the Grime Godfather has been in hot water recently from his truly bizarre, and seemingly anti-Semitic outburst on his socials. He has since had most of his accounts removed, and judging by the Sky News interview, it’s clearly a messy situation.

Now though, he has released his first music since the controversy, and it’s pretty interesting. It begins with an empowering sample from Malcom X, and moves into lyrics pertaining to, the situation, his situation, and his life as a whole so far. We hear him comment on all stages of his career, and although not much is made any clearer regarding the controversy, (and the Malcom X sample is a little random and on the nose), it’s still a very interesting listen. Seems much more about him projecting his thoughts and the way he feels, rather than making any sort of statement or clarification.

It is also pretty musically enticing as well. No drums for the vast majority, just Wiley spitting over a collage of repeating synths until the end drops with a Afrobeats infused groove. The first three quarters are almost certainly a reference/throwback to his early Eski-beat sound, and when you consider he has also ended up making a ton of Afrobeats in the past few years, the instrumental brings the tracks themes in very nicely.

This does feel like Wiley’s career is drawing to a close and I am honestly surprised he has lasted as long as he has. Somehow he has managed to consistently produce current, up to date, excellent music all throughout his career, and this track is no exception. I am sure many fans would have preferred his career to end more gracefully, but it’s not exactly in our control. All we can do is watch, and listen, Wiley, being Wiley.

Happy listening,
Sandy Woodhouse



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