In these past few centuries, humanity has made huge progress in the eradication of human trafficking and slavery. With new laws and human rights campaigning, such practices are now criminalised and disgraced on a global scale. …

Source: Resident Advisor

If you’re unfamiliar with this man, it’s time to get familiar. Groove Chronicles, aka DJ Noodles, has been making moves in the garage scene for a good while, since 1996 to be exact. During 96’ he formed Groove Chronicles, and started putting out 2-Step innovations that paved the way for…

A gem has been discovered. From the belly of central Scotland, my own backyard, this Grangemouth band has been under my radar for far too long. This track is beautiful. Coated in a nostalgic, dreamy ambience, it sucks you in. The curious and bizarre lyrics serenade you. And then the chorus. The melodies… my god. They hit you with a strength. The replay value on this one is strong.

I was aware of the Punk and Goth imprints on this era of Scotland’s music, but it’s super cool to finally explore it.

Happy listening,
Sandy Woodhouse

Haim’s magnum opus has arrived. They’ve been an active trio since 2012, and after a few promising, and somewhat lackluster releases, it now feels their journey and vision is in a glorious phase. …

There was something especially bitter about pop sensation Sophie’s untimely death. Not only tragedy, but to die on the cusp of LGBT History Month seemed cruel. But as we move forward, through this month and beyond, Sophie’s career, despite being cut short, I believe shall prove ever more influential on…

It’s almost 2021, and the Slowthai hype train continues on. With the release of his new album, ‘Tyron’, right around the corner, the usual sprinkling of singles are on their way. …

Deep levels here my friends. Willow has an extremely limited discography, with a few tracks here and there that you can find on YouTube, but she has only one major release really, Workshop 23. All four tracks on here are excellent. My personal favourite, is Untitled B1. This track (along with the others) land(s) in an ethereal middle ground, somewhere between Electronica, Deep House, Techno, and even Ambient. Beautiful melodies, shifting soundscapes, hypnotic movements, groove, all in one. Its soulful, technical, intimate. It’s quite the release. B1's melodies, just, land right where they need to. Addictively repetitive. So many feelings conjured up in so few sounds. In this one, the question lies with you, do you wanna cut shapes? Or go inward?

I’ve said enough anyhow. Give it a listen, and see how you feel!

Happy Listening,
Sandy Woodhouse

Julee Cruise - Mysteries Of Love

So, shout out to David Lynch for introducing me to this one. If you haven’t seen Blue Velvet, basically it’s incredible. Highly recommended. This track appears multiple times throughout the film, and now I have a very strange feeling attached to it. This is partly due to its connection to the film, and certain scenes in it, but also the track itself. It really reminds me of Christian choir music. The optimistic type more specifically. Lot’s of perfect cadences, and long drawn out chords, but then intercut with almost melancholic changes. Its the feeling of total contentment, with all the good, and all the bad, captured in audio. Never heard of Julee Cruise before this, so I am definitely going to explore her stuff further over the next week.

Happy Listening,
Sandy Woodhouse

And so, here begins my plunge into Dancehall. I have dabbled in previous years, Cutty Ranks, Burro Banton, a dash of Sean Paul, but I have never committed to any deeper level until now. Mavado is a cool artist for sure, but his older track are definitely stronger. This one…

Fascinating release from Wiley. If you haven’t heard, the Grime Godfather has been in hot water recently from his truly bizarre, and seemingly anti-Semitic outburst on his socials. He has since had most of his accounts removed, and judging by the Sky News interview, it’s clearly a messy situation.


Sandy Woodhouse

Music Producer, DJ, and music lover, just sharing my musical journey as it happens :) I stream on twitch here

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